JAMA Psychiatry Publication Bias

Academic Nepotism Vanderbilt University

Fay Canyon, Sedona Arizona. Photo by Doug Berger.
JAMA Psychiatry Editor-in-Chief Dr. Stephan Heckers, Professor of Psychiatry at Vanderbilt University; Publication Bias, Conflict of Interest, and Editorial Ethics Violation Concern

Dr. Stephan Heckers, Editor-in-Chief JAMA Psychiatry: conflict of interest and nepotism at Vanderbilt University Dept. of Psychiatry. Erica S. Weitz, MA; Steven D. Hollon, PhD; et al. Baseline Depression Severity as Moderator of Depression Outcomes Between Cognitive Behavioral Therapy vs Pharmacotherapy. An Individual Patient Data Meta-analysis JAMA Psychiatry. Published online September 23, 2015.